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Hello there!

I'm Kat, the owner, designer, maker, and chief coffee drinker at Catkin and Lillie.

I am passionate about (some might say addicted to!) cross stitching, and also about creating beautiful patterns that anyone can stitch.

A creative journey


How do you find a creative hobby that will fit into a super hectic life filled with taking care of family, your job(s), all that housework etc. etc?!

I think you probably know what my answer will be…choose cross stitch! 

Cross stitch can be done in small chunks so it fits into all those little moments of spare time, can give you a much-needed relaxation and recharge break, and it will give you so much joy to watch the design slowly build up.

My patterns are designed to be modern, fun and easy to stitch so they won’t take months to complete!  You can use them to make a variety of items for gifting and special occasions so you get the added pleasure from making beautiful things to delight your family and friends.

Oh, and did I mention that cross stitch is so easy that EVERYONE can do it?!  All you need to learn is one simple little stitch and you’re away!

So, whether you have cross stitched for many years or have never tried it before, I just know you will find something to inspire you here at Catkin and Lillie.  Now, I say inspire because buying a pattern from me is really just the start of your journey; why should I have all the creative fun?!  


I want to help you be creative with my patterns and use them in different ways to create cards, small gifts, home décor and special keepsakes.  Look for the ‘ideas to inspire’ in each PDF download to see how you could add your own twist to the patterns, from changing the colour palette to adding a personalised touch such as a name.


A little about me


When I’m not designing or stitching I love to be outside in the garden or taking long walks, and my designs are definitely inspired by all the beauty of nature.

My husband has his own creative outlet as a games designer and despite being totally different genres we often bounce ideas off each other.  When we are done talking business we like to relax together reading books or watching a movie.


3 quick fun facts about me;

  • My Dad used to call me Catkin when I was little.  Yes, that’s why it’s in my shop name!

  • I absolutely do not function without regular top ups of coffee throughout the day and you do not want to speak to me before my first morning cuppa - lol!

  • I am a very messy person, especially when I’m creating, but I do love organisation and clever storage solutions; contradictory much?!


The final word


That’s it from me, so I hope you will go and check out my patterns, find something to inspire you and get stitching!

I absolutely love to see the unique work you create with my patterns so please do come and share pictures of your work in progress or final pieces on Instagram; use the #catkinandlillie to make sure I don't miss them!

To make sure you're always the first to know about new patterns, see what happens behind the scenes, get exclusive discounts plus a FREE PATTERN make sure to sign up to my emails!

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If you have any questions just pop over to my contact page to get in touch with me and I’ll be delighted to help you out.

Thanks so much for popping in :-)

Kat  x

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