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When cross stitch makes me cross: the 10 most annoying things about cross stitch!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Did you read that post title and wonder why on earth I would be writing about the things that annoy me?!

Well, it occurred to me that every much loved hobby probably has a few unique little annoyances and cross stitch is no exception. I am absolutely sure that any fellow cross stitcher will have come across some or all of these and be nodding along to this blog post, and anyone who doesn’t cross stitch might just get a giggle out if it and a peek into the world of cross stitching.

But if you are not (YET!) a cross stitcher then please don’t let this list of niggles put you off because it’s still the most wonderful hobby and if you need convincing of that then maybe my previous blog post will help.

Ok, grab your hot beverage of choice (because it’s a loooooong list!) and let’s dive in…

1. Dropping your needle

This comes in varying degrees of annoying depending on where you drop it. On a scale of 1 to 10, dropping it on your lap is probably only a 3/10 and down the side of the sofa or on the floor maybe about a 6/10. Pinging it off across the room is a 10/10 and yep, I've done that a couple of times.

2. Metallic thread

Stitching with this thread will guarantee tangles, knots and breakages to the max, so it's somewhat irritating to use but on balance, I reckon it's worth the annoyance to add that sparkle to your work. And I have load of tips to make stitching with metallic threads s whole lot easier in How to use metallic threads to cross stitch.

3. Framing your work in a hoop

You would think that popping your piece into an embroidery hoop would be the easiest way to display your work but oh my goodness…trying to get your design to be in the middle of the hoop AND straight in the hoop?! The struggle is real and warrants a large gin to celebrate when you finally nail it.

4. Playing thread chicken

Here’s how this one goes down; you have just a few stitches to go and you’re down to the last little bit of thread in the needle. Who will win? You or the thread?! Ah, the classic game of thread chicken. Of course it’s not annoying if you win, but sometimes the thread wins :-(

Cross stitch frustrations #4 - trying to finish the last few stitches with a tiny bit of thread, as shown on my hand!

5. Frogging

For the non-cross stitchers this rather odd term refers to unpicking your stitching because you made a mistake. Again, the annoyance level depends on how big the mistake was; sometimes it’s just one tiny frog and sometimes it feels like a whole army of frogs!

6. Frogging and then realising it was actually right all along

Just grrrrrrr.

7. Dropping your needle...AGAIN!

This seems to happen to me a LOT so it's on my list for a second time! I do have a secret weapon to help with this though, which is a rather charming wooden needle finder with a little magnet on the end.

Cross stitch frustrations #1and 7 - dropping your needle...and how to find it again using a wooden magnetic needle finder

8. There’s not enough time!

I simply have too many things I want to stitch and not enough time to stitch them all because I do actually have to spend some time adulting. I guess maybe that’s not the worst problem to have.

9. Waiting for new supplies

Oh, the frustration of waiting for new threads or fabric to arrive so I can start a project…or finish a project if I’ve run out – eek! I feel we cross stitchers are an impatient bunch!

10. Preparation

If I’m starting a larger project I do like to gather all my supplies up front and prepare my fabric to prevent fraying, and I know it will absolutely be worthwhile but having to do it when all I really want to do is start stitching is well, frankly annoying!

Check out The top 3 things to do to plan and prepare for a new cross stitch project and save yourself some time and frustration later!

Mini cross stitch of a wrapped flower bunch framed in an embroidery hoop - a small project than can be finished in no time at all!

So, if you are a cross stitcher, how many of these got you nodding in agreement?!

I’d love to hear which of these really resonated the most for you, or maybe there’s something else that totally angries you up?

Oh and I bet some of you out there are thinking “French knots” but here’s the thing…I LOVE French knots so they’re not on my list – lol!

Until next time…happy stitching!


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